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Tileston Street Properties to be Declared Surplus by City

48 and 50 Tileston Street

The Mayor’s office has filed an order to declare surplus two parcels of City-owned land in the North End with vacant buildings and transfer the care, custody, management and control of said property to the Public Facilities Commission. The parcels are located at 48 and 50 Tileston Street.

48 and 50 Tileson Street

Acquired by the city as part of the 2012 North Bennet Street School / Eliot School purchase swap. Although the Upper Eliot School opened in 2017, the Tileston Street properties have remained vacant.

According to City Council meeting notes, courtesy of Councilor Wu, the matter was assigned to the Planning, Development, & Transportation Committee for a hearing.

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  1. You can tell from the architecture that it is one of the few remaining buildings from the 18th – early 19th Century. I hope whoever buys it retains its historic character.

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