Councilor Edwards Files Hearing Order on Preserving Historic Boston

At a Boston City Council meeting, Councilor Lydia Edwards filed a hearing order regarding preservation of Historic Boston.

“As we’re developing, are we committed, as a City, to preserving our history?”

In posing this question, Councilor Edwards explained the motivation behind this order. She went on to say that when development and history come head-to-head in a proposal, the City needs to favor the history and follow a process that protects the character of our neighborhoods.

This order came to the forefront after a recent debate about the anticipated demolition of 144-146 Maverick Street in East Boston. A group of residents were fighting to have the building saved as a historic site; however, it does not appear on any preservation report and thus the demolition, as part of the development of Maverick Square, is scheduled to take place.

Councilor Edwards hopes this hearing will start a conversation around developing resources to identify historic landmarks and getting developers to invest in preserving our communities.

See the full hearing order below and watch the City Council meeting here

One Reply to “Councilor Edwards Files Hearing Order on Preserving Historic Boston

  1. This should prove interesting. Maybe 60 years too late, it’s anti-urban renewal reform. But should give community groups more muscle to keep their neighborhoods and prevent the whole city from being a giant high- rise for trustfunds.

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