6 Hull Street Petitions Neighborhood Council to Legalize Existing Conditions of 5-Unit Dwelling

Adam Griffith and Joseph Carregal presented at the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) April meeting seeking approval to legalize existing conditions at 6 Hull Street of a 5-unit dwelling.

The building currently has 5 units, but it was recently discovered to be legally listed as only a 4-unit dwelling. The council voted unanimously (7-0) in support of legalizing the existing conditions with no construction needed. Watch the meeting video to learn more and follow along with the text below.

The property has been owned and managed as a 5-unit building for over 25 years (00:35). Over those years it has been mortgaged several times. During a recent mortgage process it was discovered that 6 Hull Street is legally a 4-unit dwelling.

Adam presented photos showing the entrance to the basement unit in question that has its own entrance off Hull Street Court (1:22), a second means through the main entrance, electrical meters for the building, gas meters and interior photos of the unit.

The building has been registered as a 5-unit with the city since 2013 (2:50) and is insured as a 5-unit (3:00).

Carregal bought the building in 1992 as a 5-unit dwelling (3:52).

There’s no work required for this change so no need for construction mitigation (5:33). Adam and Joseph clarified there’s no subleasing in the building so AirBnB is not an issue (5:40).