Neighborhood Council Votes in Support of 38 Fleet Street Addition

The North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council voted 7-0 in support of Chris Fiumara’s proposal to add a two-story addition to 38 Fleet Street.

Fiumara, the building owner, and his mother Maria attended the meeting represented by Attorney George Morancy. The building construction would change the building’s occupancy from a three-family to a five-family dwelling.

Currently there are three units and eight bedrooms in the building (2:00), the proposed addition would bring this up to 5 two-bedroom units, equaling ten bedrooms total (2:25).

There is no off-street parking (2:30).

There’s an FAR (Floor Area Ratio) violation, the maximum FAR in the district is 3, here it would be 3.2 after the development (right now it’s 1.9) (2:36).

There’s no height violation (3:25). The maximum vertical building height is 55 feet, with the addition, this building would be 51.5 feet.

The building will be completely renovated and brought up to modern building code standards (4:30).

It will be a brick vertical addition, so it will blend in nicely with the surrounding buildings (5:28).