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Reader Poll: What Do You Want to See on the Boston Harborwalk Map?

Earlier this month, Boston Harbor Now announced that funding has been made available to develop a Harborwalk map that will help people find public spaces and amenities along the city’s waterfront.

There is currently no comprehensive, user-friendly map providing this information, making it difficult for people to know what is publicly available and legally accessible. Boston Harbor Now’s map will include a full inventory of public amenities, such as lawns, seating areas, etc. Learn more about the project here.

What do you want to see included on the Boston Harborwalk map? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below! You can also share your thoughts with Boston Harbor Now through their online map survey.

2 Replies to “Reader Poll: What Do You Want to See on the Boston Harborwalk Map?

  1. Honestly, just anything to show which parts of the Harbor Walk are continuous and which parts aren’t would be really nice. Even as a resident here, I’m still not sure which pier will allow me to walk around as opposed to making me turn back to the sidewalk.

    1. Hmm.. makes me think something like the Paul Revere Trail, but maybe a different color would work.

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