Pats Fever Spreading for Super Bowl LII

Pats fever is spreading as Super Bowl LII approaches on Sunday night when our beloved New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles. The big game starts at 6:30 p.m. in Minneapolis and will be broadcast on NBC (Comcast channel 810). For more information, check out the official NFL Super Bowl LII guide. Send in your local fan photos to and we will add them here.

Patriots Nation Flag at Rowes Wharf Arch (NEWF Image)
Leo joins with Pats cheerleaders and Tom’s head at the Faneuil Hall rally on Friday. (Photo by Frankie Boyer)
Go Pats! at Bricco on Hanover Street
Boston City Hall lit up for Patriots in Super Bowl (Photo by Matt Conti)

Send in your local fan photos to and we will add them here.

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10 Replies to “Pats Fever Spreading for Super Bowl LII

  1. The picture of City Hall looks nice, but how much does this cost the taxpayer? Should we pay for resident parking to make football fans feel good?

    Needs a new poll. Should we pay for parking to raise contributions to Bob Kraft?

  2. Oh, for goodness sake. Where are the logistics in the comment. City Hall lights dribble down to our paying for resident parking to make football fans feel good?
    And the sarcasm about Robert Kraft. Ugh ~

    1. You have no sense of humor. Where is Philladelphia green? Where is the diversity? How can you not support the cradle of democracy: Ben Franklin’s choice?

  3. Philly has the worst fans in all of sports,just ask the Viking fans how they were treated .Years ago I remember watching an Eagle game played in Philadelphia around Christmas time Santa made an appearence during halftime and the fans booed him.Go Pats🏆

    1. Recently saw an AP article saying the worst 2 fan bases in the NFL are squaring off. In addition to Santa, they booed a pre-teen baton twirler who dropped her baton during a halftime show. Philadelphia is known for cheap skates, so not many of them are likely to show up for the super bowl. Particularly if they can’t sneak their own beer in.

    1. Cant blame this on Brady.Defense and secondary was horrible all game. Stevie Wonder could have done a better job on pass coverage.Pass rush? nonexistent.

  4. Eagles fans showed their “class” after victory. Rioting has begun in the streets of Philly.

    1. Imagine what would have happened if they lost? The fires would still be burning and no one would care.

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