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North End’s Galleria Umberto Receives 2018 America’s Classics Award from James Beard Foundation

Quite an honor was bestowed upon the North End’s own Galleria Umberto as the James Beard Foundation selected the pizzeria to receive one of the five 2018 America’s Classics awards. This national recognition is given to “regional establishments, often family-owned, that are cherished for their quality food, local character, and lasting appeal.”

Galleria Umberto
289 Hanover Street, Boston
Owners: Paul Deuterio and Ralph Deuterio
North End used to be a neighborhood of winding cobblestone streets. Italian immigrants began arriving here in the 1860s from Genoa, then Campania, Sicily, and Abruzzo. Umberto Deuterio founded Galleria Umberto in 1974. Sons Paul Deuterio and Ralph Deuterio run it today. The interior is straightforward, dominated by a counter and a hand-painted wall map of Italy. The Deuterios make arancini and calzones, but the main draw is crisp-edged squares of Sicilian pizza. When the pizza runs out, the shop closes for the day. They also close Galleria Umberto in July to maintain the business and spend time with family. Much has changed in the North End, but $1.85 here still buys you a slice and a taste of the old neighborhood.

The most common site at Galleria Umberto … the line! (NEWF Image)

See the JBF website for more on this year’s winners, who will be honored at the James Beard Awards Gala at Lyric Opera of Chicago on Monday, May 7.

And, take a look at our interview last year with Galleria Umberto owner Paul Deuterio.

12 Replies to “North End’s Galleria Umberto Receives 2018 America’s Classics Award from James Beard Foundation

  1. Congratulations ,,Ralph and Paul,, one of the many pleasures in life is going to umbertos for lunch and bringing home food from there,, the pizza is still as good as it was when the original bakery was on parementer st,, I was in Sicily this summer and the street pizza is just like umbertos,, you can’t change or improve the food there,, god bless you guys ,, again congratulations

  2. Congratulations to the owners. Umberto’s has the best pizza, well worth the wait. The owners work so hard,I admire their work ethic. It is inspiring, really. Waiting in line is a great experience too-you mix with North Enders, tourists, and other Bostonians….fun conversations! Well-deserved award! .

  3. Anthony (Buckweat) Deuterio is the unseen brother that works in the kitchen preparing these award winning delicacies. No Mention???

  4. I am sure that your mother up there is smiling with pride. Congratulations Paul and Ralph and your entire staff—a well deserved honor.

  5. Congratulations Ralphie and Paul! Everything on the menu is D-Lish. You’re The Best and Never Disappoint! 💋

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