City Councilor-Elect Lydia Edwards Hires Staff to Start January 2018

Lydia Edwards, newly elected Boston city councilor to represent Charlestown, East Boston and the North End, announced the hire of two staff members, Gabriela Coletta and Judith Evers.

Coletta, resident of East Boston, will assume the Chief of Staff position starting January 2018 and Evers will remain as liaison to her hometown neighborhood of Charlestown.

“I am thrilled Gabriela will serve as Chief of Staff starting in January. As my campaign manager, she proved to have the leadership and organizational skills required to assume this position. I am confident in her responsiveness, accessibility and passion to better the lives of her neighbors in district one.” – Lydia Edwards

“I am extremely grateful to City Councilor-Elect Edwards for this opportunity,” says Coletta. “I’m honored to assist her endeavors as the district’s newest city councilor and serve the people of East Boston, Charlestown and the North End under her leadership.”

Judith Evers will remain as a neighborhood liaison to Charlestown, as she did under outgoing city councilor Sal LaMattina for over ten years and to Paul Scapicchio, Sal’s predecessor.

“Judy’s longtime community activism and leadership in Charlestown is the experience we need. I am particularly excited to learn from her and I know she will be vital in assuring that we set up the most responsive, accessible team to represent our district. I am excited to work with her to ensure Charlestown continues to have a seat at the table.” – Edwards

“I have represented the Charlestown community for many years and I found what I do to be very rewarding,” says Evers. “I am excited to get the opportunity to work with Councilor-elect Edwards and fortunate to continue to serve the residents of Charlestown.”

Councilor-elect Edwards recently won her position after months of campaigning throughout the district. Her first event open to the public as City Councilor-elect will be her birthday celebration on Wednesday, December 13th at Filippo’s Restaurant in the North End at 6:30PM hosted by State Senators Joseph Boncore and Sal DiDomenico as well State Representatives Adrian Madaro, Aaron Michlewitz and Dan Ryan. Seniors are complimentary and all are welcomed to attend.

Edwards inauguration is set to take place on January 1, 2018.

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