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Police Blotter: Ballistics on Greenway, Eyeglass Larceny, Auto Theft

These are notable incidents from the Boston Police District A-1 Police Journal Log related to the North End / Waterfront area.

Ballistic / Evidence Found
11/02/17   10:35 am
Police officers responded to found ammunition at North St. and Cross St. on the Greenway. A worker noticed a male suspect in the bushes and observed a camouflage vest with rifle magazines and a live round. Suspect stopped a short distance away and identified. Detectives photographed scene, found evidence and will follow up on the incident.

Larceny /Shoplifting
11/09/17     10:14 am
Hanover St. Eye glass store reports a larceny. Clerk stated an unknown male suspect asked to see a pair of Costa Delmars sunglasses and fled the store with glasses on foot.

Auto Theft
11/09- 11/10/17   9:00pm – 1:00pm
Victim reports his 1998 Jeep Cherokee was stolen from Battery Street. Victim’s motor vehicle was recovered in Peabody, Mass.

10 Replies to “Police Blotter: Ballistics on Greenway, Eyeglass Larceny, Auto Theft

  1. Um, rifle magazine and ammo with a suspect in the bushes and we’re finding out about this in the police blotter?

    Am I missing something?

    1. Not sure about the story. A magazine, ammo, but no rifle? Sounds like some sort of confused duck hunter. But then again no mention of a duck call.

  2. I agree~~~~this is scary ~~~If this happened elsewhere, it would be on the news !!!!
    I don’t get it ??? Jc Right~~Am I missing something ?

  3. This news is alarming. Why are the police so “la-dee-da” about it? We need more facts. Is the suspect in jail? Was he from the North End? Come-on guys….facts, just the facts guys.

  4. Anyone know what happened with the woman screaming on Cooper Street at 3:30am November 14th was? I heard her screaming over and over again, “help me help me” as though she was being attacked but when I looked outside there was no on there. I just saw on a police blotter that she was screaming, “Fire” as well.

  5. In regards to the ballistics / ammo incident, I reached out to Captain Fong a minute ago and hope to have more info to share soon.

    -David Marx-

    Host of the monthly North End Public Safety Meetings (and the author of the Reports from said Meetings, which are posted on this very website)

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