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Boston Community Collaborative performs “A Slice Of Shakespeare”

Boston Community Collaborative’s drama students in the Josiah Quincy Boston Public School Afterschool program recently presented “A Slice of Shakespeare.”

The adaptations of Macbeth and 12th Night were prepared over a 9 week period, and were performed last Wednesday at the JQS auditorium.  The adaptations were written, directed and choreographed by Ingrid Oslund, lead drama and dance instructor at Boston Community Collaborative.

“Macbetta”, the adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, transported this story of prophesies and ambition to an elementary school cheerleading squad.  Four witches told Macbetta that she would overthrow the current captain, Bani Quo. She did everything she could to make this dream come true, even if the results might be sinister.

“12 Nights”, the adaptation of Shakespeare’s 12th Night followed two twins separated in a storm and stranded in the strange land of Ilirya.  Sebastian and Viola believed their twin had been swept away by the sea and asked for help from the citizens of this new place.  Tricksters, Maria and Tobi, got them mixed up in a plot to keep the serious Malvolia far away from the wealthy Olivia.  When a case of mistaken identity complicated this further, it left them all wondering if everyone was telling the truth.

Miss Ingrid’s Note:  Shakespeare is considered, in the Western canon, to be the ultimate example of theater.  The stories feel timeless, the language is heightened and beautiful, even the grand Kings and Queens of old are recognizable as completely, undeniably human. Through these scripts, these young actors had the opportunity to interact with this language and these stories in a relatable way.  Every performer had the chance to explore small bits of verse and language as they made these stories their own.

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Upcoming Events:

December 10, 2 pm End of Fall session production of “The Snow Queen and the 12 Months”.  This performance brings together all of our drama and dance students (4 classes of SJS students, 1 class of neighborhood students) to showcase and celebrate their talents and awesomeness.

January 2018, start of winter session of classes.

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