Reader Poll: Now that the Cycle Track is Nearing Completion, Will You Use It?

The long-awaited cycle track is nearing completion! The paving construction this past weekend and earlier this week marks one of the final pieces of the puzzle.

This project sparked plenty of sidewalk controversy and roadwork headaches during construction in the North End / Waterfront area. Refresh your memory by browsing our posts on the North End cycle track and Connect Historic Boston.

Now that it’s almost done, what do you think? Was it worth it? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

Note: Web polls are not scientific, representing only those readers who choose to vote.

23 Replies to “Reader Poll: Now that the Cycle Track is Nearing Completion, Will You Use It?

      1. I have also seen them in the street as well. Along with walkers/joggers and baby carriages in the bike lane.

  1. I take a bike from the Lewis Wharf Hubway station nearly every morning. There are some streets in Boston where I feel a bit unsafe as a cyclist…Commercial Street has never been one. For one, if you behave properly (ride with traffic, to the right, stop for lights, signal to parked cars, etc. or just pay attention), there’s never been an issue for me. Most motorists are pretty aware of what’s around them. I have a fear now is that the track has narrowed the street, so I might need to use it for safety purposes. File this under, fixing what ain’t broken (cf. your tax dollars at work).

  2. Yes I will use it. I use it all the time.
    I can tell you something that is not being used.
    The parking garages at night.
    They are empty while cars are fighting for spaces on the street.
    I encourage you to visit any parking garage like Dock Square Garage at night.
    ITS EMPTY!!!! Why are we not discussing a wasted resource like this?
    Residents should get $5 parking overnight.
    I don’t even own a car and the empty garages makes me mad.

    1. Nate the parking garages are private property. The government cannot force an owner to sell spots for less than market value.

      Those garages start filling up at 530-6am. What happens when the $5 parkers are not out in time? Now the garage has to pay for monitoring and towing. It is a nice idea but in reality it is not feasible for the owner of a garage to allow this.

  3. bike infrastructure is part of the solution – not the problem. if every boston resident had a car, the city would be complete gridlock. for a lot of reasons, the city needs to push to increase alternative forms of transportation across the city. if you live in the north end and have a car because you want one or need one, you should just be grateful most everyone else does not have a car because then you would really have something to complain about.

  4. The poll results certainly indicate the issue is not nearly as cut as most make it. I’d have to agree with the ‘maybe’ consensus. I just wish my building had a storage area for bikes.

  5. Great for bikes, I guess. Horrible for drivers. If that was the city’s intention, they have achieved it.

  6. I see the need for a track but the one installed is to wide, takes up to much of the road and has created more traffic. It has also caused safety hazards by not being properly installed with bump outs. Design is seriously flawed and the City knows it.



  8. I for one have to agree with Michelle, Gary and EthelRed, so I won’t repeat their post. On a side note where there isn’t
    any bike lanes on side streets (which i know are too narrow) some Bikers don’t stop on cross walks and have knocked down quite a few pedestrians, children and elderly And thats a fact!

  9. Imagine what going to happen in the winter when we get a snowstorm. Piles of snow will be on both sides of Atlantic Avenue/ Commercial St. Only two lanes will be open. This was a very bad plan and I love bicycles.

  10. If the City wasn’t Cashing in on Hubway, there would be no bike lanes. Money the Root of all evil, just look
    what has happened to this neighborhood. Is it all bad, absolutely Not, Does the Good out weigh the bad,
    absolutely Not. Our streets are filthy, the rats are running rampart & they are never leaving, too many
    restaurants to chose from, why would they leave & now, improper bike lanes and City is still cashing in.
    Let’s drain this swamp.

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