Neighborhood Photo: Special Delivery on Cycle Track

Forced detour from the cycle-track yesterday in front of Lincoln Wharf.  Just another example of why we need loading zones, not tour bus parking, along Commercial Street.

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12 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo: Special Delivery on Cycle Track

  1. I live there and am in favor of receiving my mail over getting decapitated by a cyclist who ignored the crosswalk.

  2. Yes, the USPS trucks are the worst, because unlike FedEx or UPS, they don’t get ticketed!
    Not that tickets actually work as a disincentive…the City needs to either increase the fines for double parking so that they have real teeth, or create loading zones for Commercial/Atlantic like we have on Hanover.

  3. Commercial Street is now one of the most dangerous streets for vehicular traffic in Boston thanks to this waste of money. Hope more of this continues so the city can realize the mistake they made by putting in the track. Unfortunately hindsight is 20/20 and it’s probably way too late to do anything about it.

    1. seriously? first, it is not one of the most dangerous streets for vehicular traffic in boston. second, the improvements have made the street a lot more safe for pedestrians, including families with children. the latter is very important and should not be overlooked.

  4. Commercial street is a mess. Due to the taking of car lanes. We drivers are reduced to virtually one lane. Add double parked cars. Which is a north end tradition. And there are many accidents waiting to happen.

  5. Here is why Commercial Street is now much more dangerous. BFD truck was called earlier to a Commercial Street building on Copps Hill side. The one lane of traffic was blocked by the truck which also protruded out at an angle as they responded quickly to the fire alarm. Traffic was forced into opposite lane of oncoming traffic.
    From the vantage point of my office window, on Commercial Stree, ,since its inception, the a “Connect Historic Boston Cycle Track” is being used by cyclists along with numerous joggers, dog walkers, regular pedestrians, skate boarders, people with baby strollers/ baby joggers, and Segways. I also recently have observed more cyclists using the Copps Hill side single traffic lane vs the cycle track which only makes for more insanity. I do not see how Commercial Street is now “safer”. I have to look both ways crossing the cycle track and then both ways again crossing the street! At least before the cycle track I could look both ways ONCE for vehicles and bikes before crossing! LOL!!!!!
    BTW I do ride a bike in Boston.

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