North End Marching Band Drummer Heading to U.S. Air Force

Joseph Viola playing in the North End Marching Band

The little drummer boy, Joseph Viola, who has been seen playing drums with the North End Marching Band since the age of 2, is now 18 years old. Soon, he will be giving up his drummer spot with the band to serve and protect us as a member of the U.S. Air Force.

Joe has many relatives and friends in the neighborhood and just graduated from Concord High School New Hampshire. He will be marching in two more feasts, St. Agrippina and The Fisherman. Then, he will fly off to serve and protect.

We, the band, can not be anymore proud of him and that is especially true for me.
His drum mentor.
His band manger.
His Friend and HIS PAPA.

Mano Schreiber

11 Replies to “North End Marching Band Drummer Heading to U.S. Air Force

  1. Joseph,
    I am beginning to feel protected already. A bit of advice for you. Never volunteer for anything.

  2. Keep your ears open, your mouth shut and your outlook positive. Boot camp will not be that tough. If you get a school that lasts long enough, work to become a barracks “rope”. They have all the fun.

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