Check your Resident Parking Every Couple Days

There’s been a trend with North End parking where the city hasn’t been posting “no parking” signs soon enough; and they have merely placed papers on the windshield wipers for display. See attached this paper.

I had parked my vehicle on Monday 8/28 morning, and street cleaning wasn’t supposed to be posted until the first Tuesday 9/5. However the printout said no parking on 9/1. With no sign posted on the street signs and/or building, I never would have known about the 9/1 moving spot.

If I didn’t happen to be walking by my car, I would have missed this and probably have gotten towed. I just wanted to share this friendly reminder with North End residents.

Ed: The city also has a page with parking restrictions related to student move-ins here.

2 Replies to “Check your Resident Parking Every Couple Days

  1. Unless things have changed recently, the city does not put up no parking signs for moving vehicles. The person who takes out the permit is responsible for putting the signs up before the permit date . AND for putting those notes on cars.

  2. The area was posted on two light poles by August 29. All NE residents should e aware that from August 31-September 7 the moving trucks are all over the area and we should check our cars on a daily basis.

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