Boston City Council Candidate Lydia Edwards Releases “Waterfront For All” Policy Proposal

News release from the campaign office of Lydia Edwards, candidate for the District 1 position on the Boston City Council.

Lydia Edwards, District 1 City Council candidate

Lydia Edwards, Boston City Council candidate and East Boston resident, released a comprehensive waterfront accessibility plan with recommendations for more open space requirements and harbor planning, climate resiliency, and water transportation opportunities.

In her full proposal, she states “For Charlestown, the North End and East Boston, our city’s waters and waterfront are invaluable assets for recreation, tourism, transportation, shipping, education and sporting events, and they provide an irreplaceable benefit to our residents. Boston’s neighborhoods must have access to the waterfront in perpetuity, and exercise control over development that could restrict public use and ownership of the waterfront.”

“Our city should aim to work in harmony with civic groups and area residents, partnering to preserve neighborhoods, protect public spaces and right-of-ways, promote economic development including marine industries and tourism, and finally, create a waterfront that works for all,” she says.

Edwards recommendations include forming a citizen advisory council to review strengths and weaknesses of existing and proposed Municipal Harbor Plans; launching a public green infrastructure challenge to solicit environmentally-friendly interventions to manage sea-level rise and flooding; and exploring workforce opportunities created by expanded waterfront transportation in the hopes of connecting district one and waterfront residents directly to employment.

In addition to waterfront accessibility, Lydia’s top priorities in her run for city council include ensuring pathways to home ownership for all residents, quality public schools for local families, and innovative transportation solutions to mitigate traffic and parking issues.

See Lydia’s full waterfront policy proposal and other issue stances on her website: