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107th Fisherman’s Feast Kicks Off With Blessing of the Fishing Waters

The 107th Fisherman’s Feast kicked off on Thursday night continuing the tradition of the North End’s oldest running Italian festival. The festival honors Madonna Del Soccorso Di Sciacca and opening night features the Blessing of the Fishing Waters. Starting with ceremonies at the Fisherman’s Club and feast chapel at North & Lewis Streets, the statue of the Madonna is carried by society members to Boston Harbor along Commercial Street and Atlantic Avenue to the waterfront.

Once at the waterfront, a blessing of the Fishing Waters is held on the site of the former Italian fleet in Boston Harbor. A large crowd filled the park for the ceremony that concluded with the the throwing of flowers into the harbor. See the schedule of events for this year’s Fisherman’s Feast.

We will be posting more photos here over the weekend.


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3 Replies to “107th Fisherman’s Feast Kicks Off With Blessing of the Fishing Waters

  1. Great job by the MDSS Society for the first night of The Fisherman’s Feast. Gents and Ladies have ALWAYS shown their loving and gracious decorum in their devotion towards The Madonna Del Soccorso. I am so very proud to call this MY FEAST !!!
    Even though my heritage is not from Sicily~~~~they have welcomed me with open arms !
    It probably helped that I married a Fisherman’s Son, whose families were from Sciacca !! ha ha ha

  2. Last night was the first night of the Fishermen’s Feast and it was wonderful. The Doo Wop group was outstanding.
    My street, Fulton, was closed to automobiles and the neighbors had a block party. There were children playing in the street and parents having a cookout, hanging out and talking. I thought it was terrific and it reminded me of the North End of my youth before cell phones and computers. I commented to my wife how nice it was to hear children playing in the street again.

  3. Just Beautiful! Madonna Del Soccorso is a wonderful Feast!! Great Members!!and friends i saw pictures from Matt Conti Great Job! Viva!! 🙏

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