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Video: Military Helicopter Exercise Over Downtown Boston Skyline

Military helicopters performed a Homeland Security training exercise on Tuesday night over downtown Boston’s skyline, flying literally between hi-rise buildings and just feet over North End building rooftops.

There appeared to be several Blackhawk helicopters in a flying pattern from Logan Airport in East Boston across the harbor past the North End and Downtown waterfront, ending up atop a skyscraper in the Financial District. It almost looked as if someone could rappel from the helicopter onto the roof of the 75 State Street building. The flying patterns were repetitive with some taking slightly different paths, closer to the Seaport while others are directly over the North End.

Check out the video we captured of the fast moving action in the above video. The dark copters were seen performing a similar training exercise in August 2016 and before that in August 2011.

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8 Replies to “Video: Military Helicopter Exercise Over Downtown Boston Skyline

  1. Special operators doing urban warfare training. They do it every summer in a new city and last did it in Boston a few years ago. It’s impressive to see these guys firsthand.

  2. Whatever AH-6 Special Forces Helis is and their warfare training maneuvers, it felt too close for comfort here in the NE !
    Helicopters do accidentally clip buildings. They also crash, you know.

  3. Wake up America! These drills concern me. We already know about the FEMA detention facilities, homeland security (FEMA) cameras at every intersection, and the militarization of our police departments. In an emergency, which the government could create in less than an hour, would these helicopters be used to protect us or detain us?

    1. I’ll bet they are watching guys just like you and the helicopters are really surveillance. Just wating for you to step out of line.

      Most of the security cameras appeared around the time of the Democratic Convention in ’04. There were a lot of public safety concerns surrounding the likes of Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy being around the neighborhood. We still need the cameras around for people who do things that would make them uncomfortable if caught on film.

      Sound like someone you knw?

  4. To close for comfort in NE? They are professionals and got that way by practicing. It should be comforting knowing someone is out there training to keep you safe. The threat is real, if you don’t think so take a look around next time you are buying shoes at Marathon Sports.

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