Watch: Zip Line on The Greenway

As your intrepid NorthEndWaterfront.com reporter, I went to the Greenway this week to go down the new zip line at Parcel 12 near Faneuil Hall. “The Z” measures 220 feet long and reaches 30 feet high.

Here’s how it works: Riders are instructed to empty their pockets, and leave all personal belongings at the base of the zip line. After being weighed, the rider is strapped into a harness and then climbs up the 30 foot tower to get ready for their ride. The operator secures the rider onto the zip line, then the rider is almost ready to go. After the gate opens, the rider simply acts as if they’re going to sit down and their descent begins. At the end of the line, a giant spring stops the rider’s momentum, ending the ride.

The entire process takes less than ten minutes. “The Z” is a quick way for thrill seekers to have fun while taking in a new view of Boston.

Watch above to see if I survived.

Tickets for “The Z” are $8 for one rider and $15 for a pair. “The Z” is open for rides from 11AM-7PM Sunday-Thursday and 11AM-9PM Friday-Saturday now until Labor Day. For more information, head to www.rosekennedygreenway.org.

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