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North End Dodgers Baseball Teams Seeking Game Day Sponsors

The North End Dodgers Traveling Baseball Program for youth ages 13 and up is seeking game day sponsors for umpires.

There are four teams in two different leagues broken up into four age groups. The 14 and under team plays in the Lou Tompkins Baseball League. The 16 and under team and the 21 and under team also play in the Lou Tompkins League. The 19 and under team plays in THE BASE League. The teams are sponsored by the North End Athletic Association (NEAA) and are under the careful direction of Commissioner Ralph Martignetti.

The cost of the program far exceeds $13,000 to run including league registration fees, umpires, baseballs, and uniforms as needed. The biggest expense is the umpires for each game. Each of the four teams plays a 24-game schedule, with the North End teams being the home team in 12 games in each age group. This means we have a total of 48 home games for which we need to pay umpires.

The cost of the umpires is $150 per game (two umpires x $75 each). You can sponsor a game for $150, or just sponsor one umpire for $75.

We are looking to get as many sponsors as we can. If you are interested, please contact John Romano at (617) 750-9749 or I am happy to meet with you to pick up your donation. You can also see Commissioner Ralph down at the park. Checks should be made out to the NEAA.

You could also mail checks to:

c/o John Romano – Dodgers Umps
30 North Bennet Street
Boston, MA 02113

We thank you in advance for your support. Each donor will be acknowledged in a Thank You ad at the end of the program.