Noise at Spaulding Rehab Center

Unfortunatley I feel the need to address the noise at the Spaulding Rehab Center.  The residents of 99 Fulton Street on a number of occasions have reached out to management to see if they would be willing to adjust the time that their trash gets picked up.  Every morning including week-ends the trash gets collected between 7:00-7:30.  The truck sits idle on the street while the workers walk to gather the trash bins.  It is about a 15 minute process that is impossible to sleep through.  The trash service is an independent contract, as a result, Spaulding has the ability to discuss moving the time in which their service is provided.  The lack of response by Spaulding is rather disheartening.  Many were surprised that some individuals were rather happy when the news was announced that Spaulding would be closing and now you know why. From what I gather, the closing is on hold.  As a result, I hope Spaulding finally stops ignoring this situation and helps make the N. End a better place to live.

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  1. Newsflash Tom B

    The trash from the city or a contractor can LEGALLY be picked up starting at 6AM. You sound like the woman from Charlestown who wanted Sal LaMattina to get the Navy to stop firing the cannons on the USS Constitution in the morning because it was interrupting her and her guests sleep on the weekends.

    The Nursing Home is being taken over by another company and it is not closing. This is the city Tom. Perhaps a condo in the burbs or the country would better meet your needs for silence. Or maybe you should invest in noise reducing window treatments.

    1. I never said it was IllEGAL! Have you ever heard of common curtesy? Do you deliberately disturb your neighbors? It’s all about keeping the community great.

  2. The irony is, Charter Street trash and recycle are not picked up until noon. Salem Street is strewn with recycle items until midday –
    There must be a reason for the pickup schedule, however, I believe some changes can be made for Spaulding. It is a ‘nursing’ home inhabited by people who are ill, and cannot take care of themselves.

    rukiddenme: Your sarcastic comment of buying a condo in the burbs or country is a rather insane idea and rude. God willing, you never need to live there. Somehow your comment doesn’t support Tom’s article.

    1. coming from someone who is constantly rude and condescending I find you calling me insane and rude hilarious.
      My comment was not meant to support Tom’s article. It was meant to say exactly what I wrote.
      It is ridiculous for him or anyone to expect the city or the nursing home or the USS Constitution to schedule trash pickup or shooting off cannons to suit neighbors’ desire to sleep in on the weekend or sleep later during the week.
      This is the city and it is noisy and you either learn to cope with it or you need to consider living elsewhere. I live on a noisy street. I close my windows and turn on two fans for white noise. Sometimes I manage to sleep right through the drunken screaming puking a-holes coming home at 2 AM. Sometimes I don’t even hear the jack hammers at 7AM or the trash trucks .But every morning the little birds chirping on my bedroom air conditioner at 5AM wake me up.

  3. The Nursing Home has shown little or no regard for the owners who surround the area. Trucks idle at 4 -5 am and this trash pick up is so unnecessary and some consideration could be shown I have made MANY complaints about both the time the truck pulls up (note some time it is earlier than LEGAL) and about the residue of puddles of unhealthy sludge left behind. When the nursing home contracted Reppucci brothers we never had these issues.
    I understand the Nursing home is being absorbed by a new company and I HOPE this new leadership will be more respectful to its neighbors.

  4. I am a resident of 99 Fulton Street. The noise is absolutely a problem which needs to be addressed. Tom B. I appreciate you taking the time to post your concerns. I hope that Spaulding or new management is willing to tackle this problem.

    1. Harry: It seems to be an issue to be worked out between the nursing home and the city. The home cannot dictate trash pickup times, however, they can work with / petition the city. And the trucks are so gross, and the residue left behind remains until it rains. I run and close windows to avoid the odor. I am sorry for the nursing home people, who among their own personal problems, are faced with this 2 x a week ‘nightmare’.

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