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Letter: Thank You from Meghan & Intersection Video

Letter to the Editor:

Meghan and Neil Denenberg

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

First off thank you, Matt, for writing the article about my accident. I also appreciate your respecting my and my family’s privacy in the days after the accident. Now that I am home and realize the extent of my injuries to both of my legs, plus my concussion, I want our neighborhood, the city and road services to know how dangerous that corner is at Lewis Street and Commercial Street. Drivers roll through that stop sign all day long. Getting run over by a car has been horrific for me, especially the effects of the concussion. It has also been difficult seeing the effect this has on my family. No family should ever have to watch a loved one slowly recover from being run over by a car, especially at a cross walk.

I am so grateful for the outpouring of support from friends and neighbors. All the food, flowers, cards, love and support give me strength and encouragement to keep going every day. Because of the concussion they recommend I not look at my iPhone or computer screens but I still love receiving your correspondence. My family reads them to me and I appreciate listening to all your kind words. I realize this is going to be a slow recovery, but luckily I am a very patient person.

I hear some of you are working hard to try to make that corner safer so that no one ever gets hurt there again. Thank you for your efforts!

Neil and I appreciate all your support.

With love,
Meghan Denenberg

North End resident Adam Balsam put together this video highlighting the risks of the Lewis and Commercial Street intersection. welcomes commentaries, news and letters via email to or through our Submit a Post form.

2 Replies to “Letter: Thank You from Meghan & Intersection Video

  1. My heart goes out to the family for an accident that never should have happened. Hanover and Prince Street cars never stop. Residents have asked for STOP signs bold enough for cars to STOP the city is waiting for another accident to happen. Children walk to go to school. Hanover and cross the walk sign tells you to walk the same time light turns green the city has been asked for 3 years to adjust those lights. The city is busy doing bike lanes and not worrying about the safety for everyone.

  2. I was shocked to hear a few days ago, and now read the details of the accident. As much as I’d like to comment on the issues at this and several other intersections and the behavior of drivers (sometimes including myself), I think this time and place is to say to Meghan: “Our thoughts are with you. If that provides even an ounce of extra strength to you and your family, great. Your letter warmed my heart and for that, thank you! Hope that your recovery goes well and is complete!”.

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