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St. John School Student Receives The Max Warburg Courage Award

Max Warburg Courage Curriculum’s “Courage in My Life” for sixth graders is a year-long language arts program based on the value of courage and is used in Boston Public Schools, St. John School, charter, and private schools. It empowers students to realize that their actions and decisions can be powerful agents of change. Through reading, writing, and discussion, students discover and recognize the role of courage in their own lives-past present and future.

Launched in 2010, the national essay contest is open to any student in grades 5 to 8 in the United States, outside of the Greater Boston area. The contest encourages students from diverse backgrounds to share personal experiences with exceptional acts of courage in their communities and in their lives.

The Max Warburg Courage Curriculum’s 26th Awards Luncheon was held on May 15th, 2017 at the Fairmont Copley and St. John School’s Daniel Bethlendy was presented the Courage Award for his essay about “courage in his life.”

Daniel’s essay will be published in an annual essay anthology, The Courage of Children: Boston and Beyond, which features essays submitted by students of the sixth grade curriculum.

Way to go Daniel!