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New Kitchen, Garden, and Home Store Opens on Prince Street

Prince Street is now a little more cozy. Loft & Vine is the new kitchen, garden, and home store that opened at 26 Prince Street last month. The owner, Sarah Garabedian, has been a resident of the North End for over 6 years.

When walking into the store, you are greeted by green succulents among many other planting supplies under a very high ceiling. Garabedian said she heads to the Flower Exchange in Chelsea for fresh flowers. The entire front section of Loft & Vine is full of these tiny green plants, flowers, and DIY planters.

A look inside Loft & Vine.

Noticing that the neighborhood has been lacking a kitchen, home, and garden store since the closing of True Value Hardware on Salem Street, Garabedian said, “I miss True Value, and it kind of got me motivated to open this store for the neighborhood to replace what was missing.”

Being a first time business owner, Garabedian said she was happy to see a great mix of tourists and locals visiting the new store. However, the store’s concept was mostly aimed towards giving the neighborhood something it needed.

On a date that is still being determined in June, Loft & Vine is planning its grand opening. The store owner has said she hopes to involve a charity event into the grand opening along with a meet and greet party.

As a store created for the North End community, Garabedian has some plans to involve the residents living in the area in more gardening workshops. Garabedian said she is preparing classes for North End residents to arrange flowers in the future. She has said there is a local North Ender who wants to teach a DIY terrarium class for the neighborhood as well.

Sarah Garabedian (Right), the store owner, helps a customer.

Garabedian described some of her favorite products that she carried. “I love selling fresh flowers, pillows, and DIY seed kits.” She also mentioned she enjoys the planter puns that she sells with names like, “Herb Your Enthusiasm” and “Elvis Parsley.”

Because Garabedian wants Loft & Vine to truly work for the community, she has attached a contact form on her website. Make sure to reach out if you have suggestions for product that you believe she should carry.

Loft & Vine is open:

  • Tuesday – Saturday from 11 AM – 7 PM
  • Sunday from 12 AM – 5 PM
  • Closed on Mondays

For more on Loft & Vine, follow the blog at and find them on Twitter and Instagram at @LoftandVine.

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