Mystery of Boston’s Missing History

What happened to the Greenway’s tablet of the first years of Boston’s North End history?

As seen in the photo, the first tablet of the brief histories of Boston, along the Greenway on south side of Hanover St., is missing. Has it been stolen, even though securely attached?

Was it removed to be updated with some newly-discovered historic event, such as the fact that the Puritans stole the land from the Indians? Or had its history been revised?

Was it accidentally smashed by a truck when the stage was built nearby on the Greenway (in keeping to the Law of Perpetual Repair, which says that all construction jobs mean that something else gets damaged, which are fixed, but in doing so causes new damage, which gets fixed in a never-ending repair job)?

Did a driver on Cross St. or Hanover St. miss a turn and smash in up?

Will tourists now believe that Boston’s history starts in year 1650, according to the first remaining tablet?

Who knows?

Bob Skole

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  1. Last week or so I saw the tablet was damaged as if someone tried to destroy it but could not remove it. I assume it is being repaired.

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