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North Ender to Direct Boston Pizza Festival at City Hall Plaza

Life long North End Resident Giancarlo Natale of Salem Street is organizing the Nations largest Pizza Festival

Right to left- Francesco Marra, Raffaele Scalzi, Giancarlo Natale, and Enzo Marra

Being one of the fastest moving pizza scenes in the country, Boston has created a pizza dynamic that could rival any city in the world. The event will give attendees the chance to try all of the delicious pizza the city has to offer in one location. Festival directors Giancarlo Natale and Raffaele Scalzi have used their ties in Italy and here in Boston to secure partnerships with VPN (Naples-based Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) and Marra Forni who are supplying 30 hand crafted pizza ovens for the event. Giancarlo Natale explains “With the partnerships that we have formed we now have the credentials to be one of the most recognized pizza festivals outside of Naples”.

Festivalgoers can purchase tickets for $15.00. This event is open to all ages. For more information on the show, including ticket sales, please visit

5 Replies to “North Ender to Direct Boston Pizza Festival at City Hall Plaza

  1. Ok ok let me get this straight lol we need to pay $15 now or $20 at the day to get in & pay for all the pizza i am to eat lol ok i def will not be going lol btw what is the $15 -$20 going to would love to know lol

    1. Do we really care whether or not you’re going? Everyone seems pretty enthusiastic about this…the largest national pizza event…and you are throwing barbs?

  2. Sarcasm notwithstanding, I have to agree with Frank. These events (the barbecue one is the other one that comes to mind) charge $15-$20 just for the “right” to stand in line and *buy* food. What is the rationale for that? I think it would make more sense for the economics to be worked out such that everyone has free access and all costs be buried in the price of the pizza/barbecue itself. I wish them success, but I personally don’t “get it” either .

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