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Hack for Boston’s Traffic Gridlock: A Boat

Mike Sully, Water Taxi Captain

Boston Traffic Gridlock Hack:  
Water Taxi services are an underutilized resource for coastline trippers in Boston. If your destination is anywhere on Boston Harbor’s coast: the North End, Charlestown, East Boston’s several new residential developments, the Airport, or a restaurant in the Seaport district, a water taxi can get you there without the traffic woes and the added costs of sitting in traffic. Boston Harbor Cruise Lines and Rowes Wharf Taxi services have recently added many service stops, and coming soon will be North Station’s Converse stop.

Water taxi views

The water taxis are on call at 617-227-4320, by radio dispatch at any one of the 28 stops. The response times are usually under 10 minutes and often a taxi can be found waiting for a fare at the dock. Fares are flat rate of $12.00 per person, no gridlock meter ticking here. Typical stop to stop travel time is 10-15 minutes.

Hack Bonus:
BHC has a discounted 10-ride card and you can take a buddy along who will also receive the discount rate. BHC also offers discounted group rates. Rowes Wharf taxis offer reduced rates for same day round trip inner-harbor fares. Rowes taxis are green, with the only electric motor in the fleet.

This summer BHC will be adding five new taxis to the fleet. The new vessels will carry 30 passengers and will keep summer commuters and travelers moving on the water all summer long.

Water taxis operate Monday through Saturday from 6:30AM to 10 PM (8PM on Sunday) and in the summer (June 8-Sept 4) from 6:30AM to 11PM (10PM on Sunday). Call 617-227-4320 for dispatch. (Schedule & Rates)

Quickness and rates aside, try a water taxi experience and find out what makes Boston a world class city.

7 Replies to “Hack for Boston’s Traffic Gridlock: A Boat

  1. Boston has been ‘calling’ for these water taxis ! Wonderful for the neighborhood and tourists.

  2. Completely agree with Heather. This is a terrific resource for neighborhood residents and tourists.
    Does anyone know if they have a web app with schedules, fees, routes etc? If not, that would be essential.

    1. Not that I have seen yet. I have always called the number and used the map available on their website. I searched as recently as February for any app available. The phone call method has been very quick for me.

  3. YES, YES, YES>>>>Boston’s water taxis are “the way to go!” SO much easier than the terrible T….One can connect from so many points…e.g. from Charlestown to the Seaport in half the time!! Call Rowes at 617-406-8584, and hope you get Captain Brijeon Elliott!! 🙂 She’s great!

  4. I’ve used them before. Definitely a fan. Call ahead and tell them which stop to meet you. Usually it’s pretty quick. The only thing I would change is the pricing where it’s $12 per person regardless of if you have 1 or 10 people.

    1. Especially true compared to Uber where one person can get to any of these locations for less than $12. Typically you will have two people and that makes the Water Taxi a lot more expensive.

  5. Mostly for tourists. The expense makes them impractical for commuting. besides you can take the T boats to Charlestown.

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