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Police Blotter: Greedy Bank Robber, Knifepoint Robbery, Threatening Letter Opener

The following report is from District A-1 Boston Police blotter.

Robbery / Bank

02/06/17  ~  9:38am
A male suspect entered a Hanover Street bank demanding U.S. currency. The suspect threatened teller as if he had a gun, then fled in a van with U.S. currency and was arrested 1 hour later after robbing a State Street bank.

Assault / Aggravated

02/07/17  ~  7:01pm
A male suspect was arrested after threatening employees and patrons with a letter opener at a Cross Street restaurant.

Robbery / Street

02/08/17  ~  11:35pm
A victim reports that he was approached by 2 unknown male suspects, one pulled a pocket knife on Salem Street and told him to empty his pockets. The victim handed the suspect his wallet at this time, when a witness came over and yelled at the suspects who fled after dropping the wallet and taking victims debit card.

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16 Replies to “Police Blotter: Greedy Bank Robber, Knifepoint Robbery, Threatening Letter Opener

  1. What has happened to our North End? This is so scary and sad, that’s because they just turn their heads on all the riff raff that hangs on our streets, sell stolen goods to all the workers in our restaurants, and the only concern down here now is $$$$$$$ really pathetic. How can they ever consider this a safe place to live now, I’m a true North Ender and I don’t feel safe walking these streets no more, where are the police visibilities??

  2. It still is a safe place to live… would you rather live in Roxbury where people are getting shot at everyday?! The police do the best they can…. no neighborhood is exempt from crime be grateful, there isn’t much of it here.

  3. There was a time when people wouldn’t dare pull that stuff around here because they know if they got caught (not by the cops), they know what would happen.

    1. Which North End are you referring to the NE of Portland Maine? The NE that I grew up in had murders,shootings, stabbings & beatings on a regular basis.The NE of today is 100% safer.

      1. Come on Michael,,,regular basis? North end was safest are from 50’s-80′ and even more,,,there were guys who were regulars on corners,,,u had the older guys hanging out at their social clubs,,,you could walk the streets without fear of being accosted and robbed,,,some shootings and fights were probably amongst persons with a beef or score to settle,,but sadly u are way off on that statement .

  4. Get a concealed carry permit. Criminals are reluctant to victimize you if they think you are armed.

    1. Get a permit to carry pepper spray. It is easier to aim, goes a short distance and is safer than discharging a weapon in a crowded neighborhood. The attacker’s first reaction is to grab his face, he can’t see, so you can get off a good boot to the crotch which will hold him until the police can take care of him.

  5. Broken windows theory at work.

    It starts with small stuff that our mayors and police don’t enforce. Than it grows into larger and more dangerous crimes and will continue to do so until the aforementioned mayors and police decide to enforce all laws, not the ones they feel like enforcing.

  6. rukiddinme is right these are ALL petty crimes committed by junkies.Drugs and drug dealing have been a problem in the NE since the sixties.These crimes would not even be reported back then because the NE has an extremely low crime rate even stolen Fed ex or Ups packages are publicized today, but as I wrote earlier the neighborhood is 100% safer than just about every neighborhood in Boston.

  7. Least we forget the double slaying in the Slye Park in 1986. My cousin Joseph Sacco was murdered on Salem St. in a hallway years ago.

  8. having a package stolen from a building may be seen as a petty crime, but catching someone in the act of taking the package has jumped this petty crime up a notch. As for feeling safe in the old north end, most buildings had very large extended families living in them, with this said all comings and goings would be noticed. There were mens clubs on several streets as well as many grocery stores which stayed open late and of course the several bread stores with their doors open during the night while the bakers were busy making bread. One yell and people came from everywhere. This is what made the north end safer than any other neighborhood “People, lots of people.”

  9. The myth that the NE was safer in the sixties.seventies & eighties is just that a myth.It’s like some people from South Boston who still claim the James Bulger kept the drugs out of Southie.Most people reading this & living in the NE today would not be “allowed” to walk through the NE back then.The statistics do not support your claim.

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