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Harvard Degrees Bestowed upon 59 Nazzaro Students

Fifty-one players, 6 coaches and 2 referees earned Harvard Degrees as Masters of Youth Basketball Saturday, January 28. That’s because the Nazzaro Center’s Small Fry Basketball League, operating for the 43rd consecutive year, held its annual All*Star game at Harvard University, site of this classic for the past 5 years.

Group Photo

Actually, there were two games played; All*Star Game 1 and All*Star Game 2.  The former consisted of the older, more basketball savvy players while the former was made up of younger and newer converts to the sport.

Each game was played with a fervor and passion befitting these special exhibition games, no doubt inspired by all the Harvard and Ivy League trappings surrounding the court.

After the game, all four teams, parents, friends and even the random fans were treated to pizza, expertly served by coach Serina D’Amico.

And speaking of which, all six coaches deserve a wealth of praise and admiration for the professional way they managed the playing time of all 51 participants and for their personal demeanor before, during and after the game both on and off the court.

Besides Serina, the other 5 coaches involved were Matthew Mendoza, Teddy Pasto, Peter Shea, Steven Griffin and Charles Griffin. For the efforts of all 51 players, 6 coaches and, yes, two referees, diplomas will be granted to all at the annual Small Fry League commencement, banquet on March 19.