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Wednesday’s Briefing: Globe Does North End, Combining Apartments, Name the Street?

Things to know for Wednesday!

Notable News from Alternate Sources:

Where to eat and what to order in Boston’s North End

From top end dining to neighborhood pizza joints, this article profiles the top 15 restaurants, and also gives their recommendation for what to order. The Boston Globe has more on the roundup that ranges from Bricco and Mamma Maria to Galleria Umberto and Pizzeria Regina.

Always save room for these 6 North End desserts

Although a cannoli from Mike’s or a lobster tail from Modern is usually the staple choices, don’t forget about the wealth of other dessert options in the neighborhood. From gelato to ricotta pie and Italian cookies, The Boston Globe has more on the dessert roundup.

A North End remake combines two apartments into one vibrant home

It took a 14 month renovation to combine these two North End units into the ideal living space for this married couple. Despite the excellent location of the units, it took the combination of a 2,000-square-foot unit and an adjacent 1,000-square-foot unit to perfect the living space, Real Estate Boston has more the renovation.

Can you name this street? (comment below)

Courtesy of the City of Boston Archives.

Meanwhile, modern day Hanover Street:

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Weather Forecast:

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5 Replies to “Wednesday’s Briefing: Globe Does North End, Combining Apartments, Name the Street?

  1. Sarah is correct, it’s Fulton Street before it was renovated. I can see my building in the middle.
    Fulton Street was all warehouses and packing companies until the mid 70’s.
    There was Genoa Packing, Providence Packing, Abramo Re and many others.
    Honey Fitz was born on Ferry Street where the nursing is now located.

  2. Has a real familiar look, except no street lamps and trees. Pretty sure I can recognize the places as they are now, but sure has changed. I thought Honey Fitz was from Moon St? There is a plaque in a building there saying Rose Kennedy born here.

  3. Yes, it is Fulton Street~~~I can point out my building also~~~~What an exciting adventure to have gone through ~~~from 1970 ~~~1972 or so, to the present day !! That was a great blast from the past~~thank you Nick !!

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