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Video Shows Saturday Night Break-in at Caffe Lil Italy

Caffe Lil Italy, 178 Salem St., shares this video of a break-in on Saturday night, January 14th, at 11:50 p.m.

The shop posts on its Facebook page:
Saturday night, this guy in the video broke in for the second time. I hope someone can help us find him. Note: camera time is 1:47 min ahead. Let’s clean up North End of this thief !!!

The male suspect is first shown first breaking the window on the door, entering and then stealing from behind the counter at the North End cafe.

7 Replies to “Video Shows Saturday Night Break-in at Caffe Lil Italy

      1. There are absolutely NOT five police actively patrolling the North End during the night. If that were the case, one should be permanently posted at Salem and Prince where, as a former resident I can attest, it is near impossible to get a good night’s rest because of the drunk and disorderly.

  1. There has been much discussion in other articles’ comments about cameras and their effectiveness in solving many of the common issues in the North End (trash, break-ins, stolen packages, etc., etc.). Does anyone know if this clip helped apprehend the culprit?

    1. The camera alone is enough to deter crime like this. Start with theives aren’t really that ambitious, they seek easy opportunities. Many businesses in the North End have pull down grates to protect from smash and grab attacks like this. Back doors have alarms that trigger. Lights with motion detection aid cameras in getting good pictures of the thief. But your best deturrent is one that will make the the thief move on to an easier place. Since this place has been hit more than once, the thief must feel this is an easy target by comparison.

  2. Mark B I have not heard anything about the capture of this thief. Mark I want to explain ” 1″ thing to you.
    All camera systems are not Equal. Everything depends on the location of the Camera & Quality as well.
    The camera on Boylston St. found the Marathon Bombers, another camera found the man who was in
    a building on Salem St. & Prince. Some type of Camera is better than nothing at all.
    S I have to more or less agree with KL. This past summer there were hundreds of out of town kids on our
    waterfront area in the Bocce Court & the No. End Park drinking & doing drugs & I can attest to this NOT A COP IN SIGHT. It looked like an Invasion.
    The world, as well as the North End, is not the same as we once knew it. Whoever thought we would be
    dealing with Terrorist Attacks in our own Country. One can’t be too careful or cautious, unfortunately
    this is the World we live in today. Thank you KL for clarifying this issue. S no disrespect to you, but
    I hardly see 1 cop, let alone 5.

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