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North End Public Safety Report: Bottle Over the Head, Missing Mercedes, Drunks, Sex Offender

Boston Police District A-1 provided an update on recent neighborhood crime incidents, summarized below, at the December 2016 North End Public Safety Meeting. The figures below cover the last 30 days period.

Part 1 Crime (YTD)
City-wide: Down 7%
District A-1: Down 2%

Aggravated Assaults (1)
-11/27 @ 6 Prince St. (Artu) @ 2.15am: Fight occurred over an illegally parked car on the sidewalk. Suspect was a patron at Artu. Victim was hit in the head with a bottle. Car was eventually towed.

Auto Thefts (3)
-11/4 @ 416 Hanover St. @ 8.30pm: 1999 Lincoln Town Car

-290 Commercial St. (UPNE Lot): 2015 Mercedes C300 was not there when the car’s owner arrived to pick it up. Parking attendant claimed cars are parked in another lot when their lot is full. Manager denied this, saying that is NOT their policy. Attendant eventually came back after quite a while. Cited for using a motor vehicle without authority.

-Between 11/26 & 11/29 @ 20 Charter St.: 2013 Audi Q7. Car actually may have been parked elsewhere, or towed…

Larcenies (2)
-11/11 @ 440 Hanover St. @ 8.45pm & 9.45pm: Delivery driver for Pauli’s reported 2 separate incidents of delivery bikes being stolen.

Arrests (2)
-11/22 @ 330 North St. @ 9.30pm: Domestic violence incident (husband hit his wife). Arrested for assault & battery.

-46 Cross St. @ Maria’s Pastry: Drunk person caused a disturbance (threatened employees and uses the “N” word). Arrested for assault & battery and disorderly conduct.

Sex Offender Registry List
-ONE Level-3 (i.e. most likely to re-offend) sex offender lives in the North End. To view the entire sex offender registry, go to www.mass.gov/sorb.

20 Replies to “North End Public Safety Report: Bottle Over the Head, Missing Mercedes, Drunks, Sex Offender

  1. The predator lives on Prince St., was convicted of assault and rape and has no business living here.

    1. I agree but not sure there is anything the neighborhood can do about it. Cannot use the information on the Sexual Predators Registry to harm the person. Does that mean people cannot use the information to try and run him out of the North End?

  2. Where does he have business living? A less worthy neighborhood perhaps? Prison? If he’s served his sentence, your issue is with the justice system, not his choice of apartment.

    1. “ONE Level-3 (i.e. most likely to re-offend)”. Just so you know the reason they have the Registry in the first place is due to the rate of recidivism for these types. You only make comments like this when you figure the next time it will be someone else and not yourself.

    2. Maybe he should have gone back to his original neighborhood or town. Why the North End? My issue is not with the justice system, it is with having a level 3 offender living in the neighborhood. Level 3 means he is very likely to reoffend . He is close to a community center, schools and a neighborhood full of teenage girls, college students, and young professionals.

  3. Who’s to say this isn’t his original home? Besides, his address suggests he has a box at prince Postale. Who knows where he actually lives.

    If you try to protect yourself and family by relying only on those registered with the state, you’ll miss the many predators operating without limit in schools, the church and most families.

    1. Prince Postale is the commercial tenant . There are also residential apartments at the same address. Why do you feel the need to suggest that people should worry more about sexual predators in the schools, the church and their own families instead of the fact that there is a convicted level 3 rapist living in the neighborhood. You are ridiculous

  4. Because it’s a statistical fact. Just a reminder that when it comes to safety and security, there’s no substitute for simply paying attention to friends, family and neighbors, rather that ignoring and maligning people who “aren’t from here”.

    1. Moby I don’t think anybody here is maligning anybody that is “not from here”. The only person people are maligning is the convicted level 3 rapist whose registered address is 100 feet from our neighborhood community center.

      Also I think Pince Postal should offer some clarity to the neighborhood of what’s going on. Is he renting a PO box or is he living in the store/building?

      1. i don’t think prince postale owes anyone an explanation if they are operating within the law. sorry.

        1. 71 prince st is a business not a residence. So if a level 3 sex offender is living in what is considered a business then no I don’t believe they are acting according to law.

          That business is part of the community and the community(one filled with children and woman) deserves to have clarity on what’s going on.

      2. Unless you are a different Peter, you stated above “Maybe he should have gone back to his original neighborhood or town. Why the North End?” Apparently, sex offenders only come from other neighborhoods that don’t deserve the same protection you seek here. Not in my back yard, right? Share the suffering. Share the success. Be empathetic. Rise above. That’s what living in a free and equal society is all about.

        And there’s no law against renting a mail box.

  5. MA courts shot down the laws that prohibit offenders (even level 3) from living near parks, schools, etc. Unfortunately, the children of our communities do not have any protection or rights in these matters.

    After viewing this person on the registry I was reminded of the description of the suspect in the assault that happened near the greenway in September: http://patch.com/massachusetts/boston/suspect-sought-alleged-sexual-assault-near-long-wharf-greenway-police

  6. @ Peter the apartments that are above Prince Postal are technically listed as a Salem St. address . ( I think #194) . The registered sex offender is renting a P.O. Box there . ( this is a violation of being on the SOR). John is not letting a known sex offender live in his store front. In fact he just became aware of the situation yesterday like the rest of us. The registry should be monitoring the offenders information, if they had been they would know this wasn’t a legitimate address.

  7. Also legally the registry nor the police have to notify the residents that a sex offender is living in the neighborhood. The information is made public so that the residents can look at it. So basically it’s on us. I would think just for safety and common courtesy authorities should put it in the community papers and notify schools/ community centers in a situation like this.

    1. While it is disappointng that BPD was not aware that the only registered Level 3 sex offender in the North End was using a bogus address that nearly everyone else recognized as a PO box, they actually did notify the community of his existence at the monthly NE Public Safety Meeting at the Nazarro Center, which is how the subject first came to light. Concerned residents looking for more info about the number and location of registered sex offenders in the area should visit the State’s website via the link in the above article, or inquire at our District A-1 police station.

  8. hey everyone,

    the sex offender abrogated his parole and court order obligation by using 71 Prince Street as his address. The mailbox term has expired. The offender lived on Salem Street and has moved away. he did not inform me of his status when renting the mailbox. We are not in the business to do a background check on mailbox renters. When I called the state sex registry, I was informed that I needed to call the boston police to inform them. boston police accused me of running an illegal mailbox business and told me i should be more careful of who I rent mailboxes to. right away the police turned the problem on me rather than following up on predators that are suppose to be monitored and check in with the police on a regular basis. my address will appear on the registry until this guy is picked up and a physical address is provided. there is now a warrant out for him. there is NO sex offender living at this address or in the apartments above my shop. boston police need to stop doing details and pay attention to their jobs. i apologize for my caps and sentences – some of my keys are sticking and this is not how i would usually write. the real criminals are the police because they are stealing tax dollars and not working for it. we would not intentionally rent a mailbox or do business with someone who is breaking the law.

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