Neighborhood Photo: Celebrating 30 Years at Mangia Mangia

John Pagliuca, owner of the neighborhood restaurant, Mangia, Mangia on Endicott Street, is shown celebrating the business’ 30th anniversary.

Many of the eatery’s customers were at the North End establishment to congratulate the owner and to celebrate the special event.

Photo by Phil Orlandella.

3 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo: Celebrating 30 Years at Mangia Mangia

  1. Johnny Mangia is THE BEST! They make the best eggs and toast. And I’m so happy to still have this place where mostly everybody knows your name whenever you go in! Hope to have Mangia-Mangia around for 30 more years…

  2. My Daughter and Son lived upstairs from the store. When I also moved to Boston always was in there for a coffee and a sandwich. This is one great place. When I would stay at my kids apartment the aroma of their cooking filled their apartment. Bunch of great people here. Living now in Florida, but will be up in the spring and the first place I will go to is Mangia-Mangia. Congrats. on your anniversary. Thank you for everything, Michael…………..

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