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Creatures, Large and Small, Come to Annual Blessing of the Animals

Old North Church hosted Sunday’s annual Blessing of the Animals ceremony bringing all sorts of pets and humans to the Prado, Paul Revere Mall, in Boston’s North End. The service commemorates the life of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. Rev. Steve Ayers and Rev. Ellie Terry of the Old North Church, gave readings from scripture and prayers followed by individual blessings.

St. Francis of Assisi was said to be able to communicate with animals. There are legends of Francis preaching to doves and crows. One story recounts his rescuing a wild rabbit caught in a trap, ending with the rabbit following him for days and constantly hopping on his lap in appreciation. Perhaps the most famous story speaks of Francis taming a wolf that terrorized a village in Italy.

Dog lovers should plan to attend RUFF’s fun dog show on October 8th, 10:30 a.m. at the dog park (Prince & Snowhill Streets). Also, to support Old North programs, tickets are available to the Harvest Moon Gala on October 20th.

Photos by Matt Conti.

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  1. Frankie – congratulations on your big day! We had a nice time at your reception. I hope you got a lot of cash, save it for college.

  2. Frank, how about you stop climbing on me like a Billy Goat and waking me up when I’m trying to sleep in. Maybe next time you get a blessing let’s see if the man upstairs can help with that.

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