Work Begins on Reconstruction of Rachel Revere Park (at North Square)

Final design for Rachel Revere Square reconstruction
Construction has begun on the reconstruction of Rachel Revere Park (Photo by Therese Russo Diecidue)

Earth moving equipment arrived on site this week for the upcoming reconstruction of Rachel Revere Square, the triangular park at the intersection of North Square and North Street in Boston’s North End.

The final design is shown above based on the community meetings from last year. The design also happens to be the concept most favored in our poll.

The design opens the space by removing the walls and introducing three park entrances. There is a large functional space at the top and defined areas for seating and recreational space. Having tress on both sides with flexible seating, the stairs are strategically staggered to prevent kids or balls from flowing into the street.  Inner wall seating runs along the recreational area.

The $350,000 project is being executed by the Boston Parks & Recreation department, and is expected to be followed by the larger reconstruction of North Square by Public Works. Sewer and water work will commence in the next few weeks to support that project.

Construction should last through December with landscaping to follow in the Spring. Pervious pavers and modern construction materials will feature “silva cells” that are special installations underground around the tree roots that do not compact the soil and allow water to percolate through the soil. The drainage plan is designed to prevent the type of water infiltration problems that plagued the existing space.

Existing conditions

The reconstruction is to fix the existing problems with retaining walls, cracked bricks and water infiltration that contributes to the poor condition of the space. Users of the space participated in the design review, including residents, abutters, Sacred Heart Church, St. John School, Paul Revere House along with other constituents and businesses from the surrounding area. St. John School will continue using the reconstructed space for recreational after-school activities.

H/T to Dave Goggins for sharing the parks department renderings.

6 Replies to “Work Begins on Reconstruction of Rachel Revere Park (at North Square)

  1. It would be nice if the city could leave our neighborhood alone. Not every square inch needs to be renovated!

    1. Actually, this park really needed to be renovated. This will be much more open and welcoming than the slab of broken concrete. Even in Rome, they fix things up! Thank you City of Boston!

      1. There are rods in Rome that are over 2000 years old that have less potholes & are in better shape than many of the roads in this state.

  2. Behold the wider and more open access to this space. All by itself, THAT is worth the renovation. And look at the invitations to gather, rest and relate to each other. The rest is frosting on the cake. Goodbye walls. Thanks, City of Boston, for reinventing the meaning of being neighborly. Carry on!

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