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Police Blotter: Ransacked Mercedes, Stolen Wallet!

BostonPoliceThe following report is from this week’s District A-1 Boston Police blotter.

Larceny from Motor Vehicle

09/09 – 09/10/16  ~  4:00pm – 3:00pm
A female victim reports that she parked her 2006 Mercedes C-Class on Salem Street and when she returned it was ransacked. Removed from the vehicle were clothing and a Mercedes emblem.


09/19/16  ~  12:00am
Victim reports that an unknown person stole her wallet at Hanover Street. and Richmond Street. Victim stated the suspect grabbed the wallet out of her hand and fled on foot. Wallet contained U.S. currency, credit/ bank cards and personal papers.

10 Replies to “Police Blotter: Ransacked Mercedes, Stolen Wallet!

  1. Does the city still think 1 cop is going to be enough to cover the No. End? What a Joke. The crime rate is getting worse &
    none of our politicians are doing a damn thing about it. Keep on voting them in.

    1. Actually Joan you couldn’t be more wrong. The crime across the city is actually reduced, and please spare the it was better in the old days or there is more crime now its just not reported. Because back in the old days there was no such thing as the iphone camera or twitter, everything is found out. The fact is that unlike in the older days the younger generation is taking advantage of the city living which is resulting in the clashes between the young and old. Is there some bad apples? of course but please don’t try and tell me that there wasn’t been apples back them…only difference was they were in the mafia

  2. Young resident is correct: The crime stats are down.

    While we do currently have an officer on foot patrol / a walking beat, please keep in mind that said patrol / beat is NOT commonplace in every downtown neighborhood.

    David Marx
    North End Public Safety Committee Chair

    1. Young resident is correct ,this coming from an old resident.The crime rate in the NE is down particularly from when I was growing up here. However that doesn’t apply to downtown Boston where there is murder & mayhem every weekend when these bars close.

        1. Greg, I don’t believe these reports. There are far too many not reported, and I know this to be a fact, not just in the
          N. E. but in other parts of the city. They don’t want to do the paper work.

  3. Young Resident, David & Michael, I have my own opinion. If you are comparing other parts of the city to the N.E. we have a
    lower crime rate. There have been a lot of cover ups because of tourism, and nobody is changing my mind about that.

    The only difference between the Mafia & our Government is that the Government can get away with just about anything & the
    Mafia went to prison. Very few people representing our government went to prison for what they did.

    We are dealing with lots of drug addicts & homeless people. I heard there were a couple of stabbings behind the skating
    rink that were not reported, and I can verify there was not a cop in sight when those out of town kids bombarded the
    No. End Park-Skating Rink area this summer. There were empty beer cartons everywhere & who knows what drugs were
    involved. There was a big brawl on Hanover St. years ago that was never, ever mentioned during Xmas time. They
    drank for hours in one of our local establishments & then the fight took place outside. No cover ups, that is a big joke.

    Young Resident, I don’t know what you mean by taking advantage of living in the city is, but my opinion is that there is
    absolutely no respect for those with small children & those who are elderly. I don’t think living in the city should ever mean
    you should be keeping other residents up all night, urinating, defecating & whatever outside our homes. Residents are not
    running for their iphones when these people are disturbing the peace. My opinion is the city should be diligent about
    forcing landlords, as well as slumlords, to have cameras outside their buildings for safety as well as sanitary reasons.

    I hope you all have a great day.

    1. Sometimes I feel I wish I could block you. Then I remember that without your comments I wouldn’t have as much enjoyment reading these posts.

  4. I’m going to finally set the record straight on the crime of yesteryear vs the crime of today in the NE. I WILL just show a few examples.In addition to several organized crime families & crews we had two brothers who murdered at least several people & who were eventually murdered themselves.We had Lenny “Quahog” running amok,Joe Barboza hanging out in the neighborhood. The Slye Park murders & a one man crime wave who had the nickname “Stolen by Dolan” whose criminal career ended when he was charged & convicted with murdering a homeless man off Salem St.

  5. Sometimes a little common sense will help you not becoming a victim. Don’t leave items visible in your car overnight, don’t walk around with your wallet in your hand (at midnight???). Not ready to declare a police state yet.

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