North Station Area Mobility Plan Action Item List – Comments Requested

From the planners working with on the North Station Area Mobility Action Plan (NSAMAP):

Please find attached the initial action item list for the North Station Area Mobility Action Plan (NSAMAP). This is a large universe of potential projects that has been developed through community meetings, pop ups, and our interactive web wikimap.

As we mentioned in the meeting last night, this is meant to be an initial list that we as a community will work through to prioritize based on the vision developed early in our process, as well as technical and feasibility analysis.

We therefore invite you to look through the list, and let us know if we are missing anything.

Please let us know if there is anything to add by October 15 so that we can be sure to give each potential action item proper analysis. The outcome of this analysis will be presented at upcoming meetings. Please email your comments and questions to