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Japanese-Inspired Garden, Mytoi, Pops Up on Greenway

A Japanese-inspired garden has “popped-up” on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, near the carousel. Mytoi is a new, temporary exhibit sponsored by The Trustees with an urban reinterpretation of the original Martha’s Vineyard landscape, complete with the iconic Mytoi bridge, bamboo groves, a reflecting pool and interactive ‘koi.’

“While it is of course ideal to visit and see our properties in their full glory, we hope that Boston residents can take a break out of their day and visit Mytoi, virtually, even for a few minutes,” says Barbara Erickson, Trustees President & CEO.

The Trustees is a land preservation nonprofit and conservation organization caring for 116 scenic, natural and culture sites around the state, which are open to the public year-round. The Trustees also own 55 community gardens in Boston.

The Mytoi pop-up installation was designed by local landscape architect Rob Barella, an architect at Kyle Zick Landscape Architecture, Inc.

The Mytoi pop-up garden will be on the Greenway through October 2, 2016.