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Police Blotter: Phone Over Pizza & Sidewalk Slam

The following report is from this week’s District A-1 Boston Police blotter.


06/29/16  ~  10:43pm
Victim reports he was sitting in a Thacher Street pizzeria, when a male suspect ripped his cell phone from his hand. Suspect then fled in a Honda (black) from the scene.

Aggravated Assault – Battery

07/05/16  ~  5:25pm
Police Officer’s responded to North Street for a man screaming in the street. On arrival a verbal altercation inside of a North Street building escalated out into the street. At this time, the male suspect was banging the male victim’s head on the sidewalk. The individuals were separated with the help of a bystander and the suspect was placed under arrest for Aggravated Assault and Battery. Victim declined medical attention on the scene.

9 Replies to “Police Blotter: Phone Over Pizza & Sidewalk Slam

  1. As I have said in the Past, this is only the beginning. We are not N.Y.C. & will never be. We don’t have the Police Protection
    they have & it doesn’t look like the 1 or 2 cops are patrolling the area that well. Boston might be Beautiful, but the crime
    rate keeps on climbing, and drug addicts & homeless people are combing our streets more & more..

    1. Do you believe we NEnders consider ourselves another Nyc? i DOUBT it. No statistics that say the crime level is increasing. It’s too bad that you have fear of city life, esp. the North End. What goes on here is mild compared to other neighborhoods in Boston.

      1. HEATHER, That is your opinion. I know the No. End has less crime than Roxbury, Dorchester & Mattapan, but I have lived
        here far longer than you and have watched crime escalate. The City might be trying to duplicate N.Y.C., but we, like I
        said, do not have enough Police Protection. Our police have had cig. butts thrown at them from rooftops, get urninated on
        & bottles thrown at them. I have lived many, many years & these type of crimes did not take place years ago, especially
        rooftops parties abusing our police. If you look at SoHo & Greenwich Village, this is what the No. End has turned into. My
        cousin walked by the Post Office on Hanover St. at 5 in the afternoon & a bottle from a rooftop almost hit her, therefore,
        please, don’t go there with me. I think I know far more about this neighborhood than you will ever know. You don’t even
        know about crimes that have been covered up in the neighborhood & you will never find it in the so-called statistics you are
        talking about.

        1. 1) You don’t know how long I’ve been here. 2) No city could ever duplicate NYC, where I lived for 6 years, right in Manhattan. 3) Contrary to what you think, I know quite a bit about what gets covered up here.

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