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Santa Maria di Anzano Procession Photos

Santa Maria di Anzano was honored in a special Father’s Day procession, having been postponed from earlier in the month due to rain. Starting at Saint Leonard Church, devotees marched with two marching bands through the neighborhood streets.

In 1905, a group of ten immigrants from Anzano, Italy founded the Madonna di Anzano Society that continues today. The image of the Madonna was discovered over 400 years ago in a small village now known as Anzano, Italy. Read more of the story.

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Photos by Matt Conti.

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  1. As always Matt, Beautiful !!!! Pictures that reflect the Beauty of our Blessed Mother and the day. Credit goes to all the members, who keep this tradition going for themselves , their parents and Grandparents , who lay down the culture, tradition and religion for their family. And to the very FEW North End business, and only a small few who show respect to the feast, with their support and appreciate its part of the North End.

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