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Feast Day of Saint Anthony Honored With Procession in Boston’s North End [Photos]

The feast day of Saint Anthony was celebrated Sunday by devotees processing through the streets of Boston’s North End. The statue of the Saint Anthony of Padua left from Saint Leonard Church for an all day march to the sounds of the North End Marching Band.

June 13th marks the death of Saint Anthony and is recognized as the Feast of Saint Anthony in the Roman Catholic Church. The Saint Anthony Society honors the popular saint at the famous Saint Anthony’s Feast during the last weekend of August. See the North End Feast Schedule for all the dates of processions and feasts.

The photo gallery below shows Sunday’s procession of the statue of Saint Anthony of Padua. Photos by Matt Conti.

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3 Replies to “Feast Day of Saint Anthony Honored With Procession in Boston’s North End [Photos]

  1. Jason, your very welcome.I don’t that most people realize the hard work,time passion and love that go into putting on these Feasts that we enjoy so much.

  2. Brings back many memories and looking for familiar faces as well as identifying the many processional North End Streets. Most recognizeable was Hull Street, since that was my neighborhood all to many years ago. As one post said, so much time and effort goes into them..such a great cause.

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