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Street Performers Permit Proposal Heard by Boston City Council

Boston City Council held a hearing this week on a proposed ordinance to regulate street performers with a permit process. According to a report by Council President, Michelle Wu, officials said “they receive numerous calls and complaints about performers in Sam Adams Park in front of Quincy Market. They suggested that the volume is often above the City’s allowed level and that certain performers have reported feeling bullied when they try to perform in that space.”

A permit process was suggested for scheduling and an equalization of performance opportunities. However, several councilors were concerned about free speech violations, in addition to new burdens put on artists. The Council will hold future working sessions in committee before considering action.

The ordinance is being offered by Councilor Sal LaMattina and Bill Linehan, displayed below.

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  1. Does this apply to the guy(s?) who take up part of a parking space on Hanover St who makes balloon animals?

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