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Filmark Hospitality Group Reacquires Lucia Ristorante

News about Lucia Ristorante from the Filmark Hospitality Group:

Filmark Hospitality Group Reacquires Lucia Ristorante, North End & Winchester
Father-Son Team Filippo and Philip Frattaroli back at the helm

Filmark Hospitality Group owners Filippo Frattaroli and his son, Philip Frattaroli have recently taken over both Ristorante Lucia locations; Ristorante Lucia at 415 Hanover St., North End, Boston and Ristorante Lucia/Winchester at 13 Mt. Vernon St., Winchester Center, Winchester.

For chef/owner Filippo Frattaroli, reacquiring Lucia’s brings him full circle to where he began in the restaurant industry.  It was Filippo who originally opened Lucia Ristorante, North End in 1977 and then expanded to Winchester in 1985.

Lucia/North End, Boston and in Lucia/Winchester have withstood the test of time, endured change and have now returned to their original owners.

“I opened Lucia’s in the North End at great personal and financial risk but I knew we would be successful.  We had the perfect recipe for a restaurant; we were honest and authentic and we were passionate about our food, our culture and our work.  That original restaurant served to launch many members of my extended family into the restaurant industry.  I’m very excited and honored that my son Philip has joined me in writing the next new chapter for Ristorante Lucia.  Together we plan to continue and expand upon what I began 39 years ago in Boston.  There is no better business legacy than passing what you worked hard to establish and build onto your children.”

Philip, who worked as the General Manager of Lucia’s while a student at Boston College, will be in charge of day to day operations.  “I grew up in Lucia’s and couldn’t be more excited about taking on the challenge of reviving these restaurants and leading them into the future.”  said Philip.  “When my father opened on Hanover St. in 1977 he was the first Italian born chef to open in the North End.  Lucia’s has set the bar for the neighborhood for decades and I feel privilege to be tasked with invigorating it.”

Lucia in both the North End and Winchester will undergo some much needed updating and remodeling to both the interior and exterior in the upcoming months and will remain open through all the planned improvements.  Filippo will continue to oversee the back-of-the-house operations at all the properties and Philip will take leadership of the front-of-the-house operations.

Father-son partners officially took over the Lucia restaurants on May 15th and the menu (Filippo created) and staff will remain intact while the kitchen continues to serve delicious Abruzzo-inspired Italian dishes that guests have come to love for decades.   Filmark Hospitality Group entities include Ducali Pizzeria & Bar (North End), Lucia Ristorante (North End) Lucia Ristorante (Winchester), Filippo Ristorante (North End), Cunard Tavern (East Boston) which is slated to open this fall and Sei Stelle Bed & Breakfast in Sulmona (Abruzzo region) Italy.

About Lucia Ristorante & Bar

Lucia Ristorante is a family owned and run, authentic Italian restaurant that has been serving traditional yet innovative cuisine to loyal guests for over 35 years. With two locations – one in Boston’s North End in one in Winchester center – Lucia hosts numerous private functions every year, offers dinner daily. Lucia in the North End is located at 415 Hanover Street, Boston.  Lucia in Winchester is located at 13 Mount Vernon Street in Winchester.


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  1. The Filippo building is rather ugly, it should be redeveloped cosidering it’s a focal point in the neighborhood. Plenty of parking and public transit over there.

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