Top 10 Tweets: Walkens Welcome, Boxy Feel, RoofTops, Still Italian Neighborhood?

Scanning through the social media activity in the neighborhood over the past week, the Twitter world told a story of the North End Waterfront from the ground level!

Top 10 North End / Waterfront Tweets From the Past Week:

12 Replies to “Top 10 Tweets: Walkens Welcome, Boxy Feel, RoofTops, Still Italian Neighborhood?

  1. The No. End is a Great Place to live because you don’t need a car & have accessibility to just about

    As far as it still being ITALIAN, that is another story. At one time the No. End was considered an
    Italian Neighborhood, and now the only thing that validates Italian, is the over abundance of
    Italian Restaurants. It is an over kill, and most people don’t even know what they are eating, which
    is even worse.

    The best place to live, If You Can Afford It, is the Waterfront. It is Quieter, Safer, Cleaner & still accessible
    to all the things you need without the Madness of Living in the Heart of the No. End.

    The No. End is still considered the Safest Area in Boston, but there have been some serious changes,
    and not all of them are that great. Our streets are filthy & the people that reside in the No. End for a
    short time, could careless about Trash, Rats, etc. What a Shame. Change is inevitable in Life, but
    the City has not stepped up to the plate to try to correct ongoing Trash Problems or Police Problems.
    All that Glitters is not necessarily “GOLD.

  2. Once again the Village Idiot aka Marty Walsh has struck again.After the embarrassment of his failed attempt to bring the Olympics to Boston and his failed attempt to sue Steve Wynn we can now add the Indy car racing debacle to his resume. This guy is an imbecile & a union hack & thug who is in way over his head.As I wrote several weeks ago I’m anticipating his proposal to have the running of the bulls thru the streets of the North End. On second thought it might not be a bad idea because it’s probably the only way the streets would be cleaned.

  3. MICHAEL, God Bless You, You are so right. We can’t handle the problems we have now in the
    Neighborhood, can you imagine what the Olympics would bring in. I still think Steve Wynn has a
    chance to bring the Casino in, and I hope to God I am wrong.

  4. Fact Finder, if your going to build a casino Steve Wynn is the person you would want to build it.Walsh tried to shake Wynn down ,Wynn wasn’t about to be intimidated by the likes of Marty Walsh & that is why Walsh filed a frivolous law suit that even Carmen Ortiz & the Feds laughed at.He [Walsh] is opposed to legalizing pot, which everyone knows is going to happen sooner or later, but supports handing out liquor licenses like the city hands out parking tickets, supports extending bar hours in the city, supports a BYOB bill to some establishments in the city.As you correctly said there are enough problems with too many watering holes & drunks in the NE & the city.He & his 3 watt bulb Police Commissioner [and the unions] oppose having members of the BPD [ who are the rudest, arrogant, out of shape and overweight police force in the country] wear body cameras . Like I said this guy is bought & paid for by the unions.There isn’t any other explanation of of how this man was elected in the first place.

  5. Everyone is in a charitable mood — are we? 1) Well, the Waterfront IS the North End too. 2) Give Marty a chance. Could you do better? 3) AND….how many Boston residents were pro Indy car track and racing. Not many. That was the worst idea for our city yet. Good it’s not happening, along with a casino. Talk to the people who live near Foxwoods — and that is in a rural area. Not good news to be around a casino, for many reasons.

    1. Liz, 1 on the job training for politicians doesn’t work [check out the last the last 8 years]. 2 I could not do a worse job,Marty is laying low this weekend [with kidney stones] to avoid the embarrassment of his latest “brilliant” idea. If a Casino was built in Boston at Suffolk Downs I agree it would have been a disaster. Steve Wynn is a first class well respected businessman, who is paying out of his pocket to clean up land that sits on a toxic waste site that the State & City of Everett have ignored for decades.

      1. Michael, KUDOS, KUDOS, KUDOS. Everything you right is so TRUE & also so——————–

      2. No one wanted the Olympics: not many wanted a ‘local’ casino; and no one wanted a race track in Boston.
        What’s your problem? City officials do listen to the public — and we all made our voices heard.

        1. Liz, I beg to differ with you, as far as the City listening. The City only cares about how much
          Revenue it can take in. This tiny, small congested area is barraged with over 100
          restaurants. Do you really think they were thinking of residents when all these restaurants were
          permitted? Why don’t you take a survey & see how the people on Hanover St. & Salem St.
          feel about all these restaurants being crammed in our tiny neighborhood?

  6. Liz, there has been [ for over 75 years] and still is a racetrack in Boston II’s called it’s called Suffolk Downs aka “Suckers Downs” THE PUBLIC DID NOT HAVE ANY VOICE IN THE DECISION TO NOT HAVE THE CASINO BUILT IN BOSTON.The gaming commission awarded the license to Steve Wynn;s project.Meninio &DeLeo was licking their chops at the prospect of a SD Casino.Last point OBVIOUSLY there was one person who wanted the Olympics here & his name is Mahty Walsh.The same guy who just bribed the worlds biggest polluter & tax dodger GE to move here.

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