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New Rental Property Registration & Inspection Rules Go Into Effect July 1st [Video]

Will Onuoha, Assistant Commissioner of Boston Inspectional Services Department (ISD), presented the new rules for rental property going into effect on July 1, 2016. The new regulations consist of registration and inspection requirements including fees back to the City of Boston.

All private rental units need to be registered on an annual basis. Landlords can register online, by mail or in person. Fees are $25 per unit initially with $15/unit annual renewal. Non-compliant owners are subject to a $300 per month fine. Registration fees are waived for owner occupied properties with less than six units.

Inspections are required for non-exempt units every five years and will be scheduled after registration. Inspection fees start at $50 per unit.

View the video above for the complete presentation by the Assistant Commissioner at the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) meeting. Councilor Sal LaMattina also speaks in the video about how the ordinance came about from student deaths in a fire due to unsafe rental units in Allston-Brighton.

More details at the City’s website.

9 Replies to “New Rental Property Registration & Inspection Rules Go Into Effect July 1st [Video]

  1. Now that True Value Hardware store on Salem St. has closed I find myself not knowing where to shop for many items they carried. We really need a hardware store in the North End not another restaurant!!!

    1. I am not sure if this comment is relevant to this article or not as I didn’t watch the video, but I completely agree with it. On Sunday I walked around aimlessly looking for a place to buy a cheese grater, ended up going over to Copley for it, but in the past would have just gone to True Value. It has certainly left a big void in the neighborhood from a convenience point of view, and I now have to drive someplace or walk a considerable further distance to find something. I hope something new will open up to fill this or maybe a small grocery store in the space would be nice that would have these type of household items?

    2. Hi Emma i noticed your post about a Hardware Store There is one on Fleet St Lady’s name is Helen She said she is open Monday-Friday from 9;15-5.00 Telepjhone Number-617-523-1683 and to call first although she is not always there just thought i would put that up there Nothing to do with Renters Insurance

    3. There is an Ace Hardware in Charlestown where Whole Foods is & Cataldo Interiors on Prince St is
      carrying things for the home

    1. These rules were put in place several years ago to protect tenants from slum lords in places like Allston and Brighton where students have died from unsafe conditions. They also protect the property owners.

  2. What about condomium unit owners that rent? Should the condominium management company have names and contact numbers of each unit owner as well as renters so the city knows who occupies these condominiums?

  3. Jess,
    Who protects the Landlords??? Its hard to keep rents reasonable when taxes go up and now this!Most of the Landlords that didn’t sell to make “Bundle” are living in building and not slum lords. Who protects US? Enough now..

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