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Boston Public Market to Open 7 Days a Week

News from Boston Public Market:

The Boston Public Market today announced that the city’s local food marketplace will be open seven days a week – an increase from the current 5 days – beginning July 18.

“This growth of the Market reflects our strong desire to fulfill the needs of our customers, which is possible through the dedication and hard work of our vendors. Initial plans for the Market envisioned opening seven days a week down the line, and we are excited that we can do this even earlier than anticipated, based on a successful first year of operation,” said Cheryl Cronin, CEO of the Boston Public Market. “Since our launch, we’ve heard frequent customer and vendor feedback asking that the Market open daily, and we’re delighted to have more opportunity to create a market community, offer education and programming, and provide fresh, local food from our vendors every day of the week.”

“The Boston Public Market has proved a tremendous success in bringing more options for locally sourced food for our residents and visitors in downtown Boston,” said Mayor Martin J. Walsh. “I congratulate the Market and the vendors for reaching this milestone early, and thank them for their commitment in providing fresh, local food, supporting small businesses and fueling our economy.”

Since the Boston Public Market opened in July 2015, the indoor, year round marketplace for locally sourced groceries and specialty agricultural products has welcomed over one million visitors, and vendors have seenover $8 million total in sales – both surpassing initial projections. Four of the Market’s 39 permanent vendors have expanded their spaces since the Market opened, including three farms. 21 short term “pop-up” vendors have appeared at the Market. One short term vendor, Jennifer Lee’s Gourmet Bakery, became a new permanent vendor in March.

“The Boston Public Market is a start-up non-profit dedicated to supporting local food businesses: the farmers, fishers, and food entrepreneurs who grow, catch and produce our food,” said Brian Kinney, Board Chair of the Boston Public Market Association. “By opening every day of the week, we’ll be able to advance our mission of helping small food businesses sell more of their products, allowing them to grow their businesses, preserve more agricultural land, and employ more people in the local food economy.”

“We are encouraged by the success of the Boston Public Market and are pleased that it will now be open 7 days a week!” said Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources Commissioner John Lebeaux. “The additional days will assist in meeting shopper’s appetites for a variety of locally grown and produced foods and it will also provide added exposure and business for our local farm and food vendors.”

“Our farmstore at the Boston Public Market, since the day it opened last summer, has been the strongest growth sector for Siena Farms overall as a farm business,” said Chris Kurth, owner of Siena Farms, based in Sudbury. “Ramping up from five to seven days per week is a key strategy for accelerating that growth for us, and I believe, for the market as a whole.”

“The increase in business days at the Boston Public Market fully supports Red’s Best mission to consistently provide fresh seafood caught by independent, New England fishing boats directly to the Boston community,” said Jared Auerbach, Chief Executive Officer of Red’s Best. “With the increased business hours, we will need more seafood from local fishermen. This keeps those small boat fishermen fishing. Opening 7 days will make it easier and more convenient for consumers to further support small businesses. This is exactly what we want.”

“Having the Boston Public Market available year round has truly made a difference to me, and having a 7 day shopping option is an unexpected gift to us all!” said Lisa Drayton, a frequent shopper at the Market. “The Market vendors do such a wonderful job supplying the area with local products and healthy, clean options. Nothing taste better than local and fresh!”

The Boston Public Market, located at 100 Hanover Street above the Haymarket MBTA station, is currently open WednesdaySunday, 8 a.m. — 8 p.m, year-round. Beginning July 18, the Market’s opening hours will be 8 a.m. — 8 p.m. Monday — Saturday and 10 a.m. — 8 p.m. on Sundays.