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Boston Community Collaborative Sends Eliot School Kids to World Figure Skating Championship

This past week, 180 tickets were secured by Boston Community Collaborative’s Becca Griffin to send many Eliot School students to experience the World Figure Skating Championships at the TD Garden. The students loved seeing the magnificent moves and beautiful costumes of these world-class skaters. One skater was greeted by second graders who lifted her spirits with their positive vibes!

Notes from Becca about this amazing opportunity:

We are so lucky to live here – I cannot believe some of the things we get to participate it.  I have ALWAYS loved watching figure skating on tv – being able to see it live was such a pleasure. Some of the things that made the biggest impression: Seeing what you see on tv in real life – where the skaters sit and wait for their scores, warm ups, stuffed animals thrown onto the ice, and cleared by aspiring young figure skaters, all the coaches, cameras, judges and announcers.

The athleticism of these competitors. Some of them are so young. I love the conversations with my own kids about where they all come from – and about what their lives must be like.

Imagining all the logistics of such an event. Where do all those people stay? All the travel arrangements, scheduling of practice times, meals, shuttling around the city, tv crews, photographers, onsite skate and costume sales, ticketing, places for the athletes to hang out between events, etc. etc. etc. It’s mind boggling. The local Steriti rink – where we skate, where North End Youth Hockey happens, and where kids from the Eliot go during school hours – was used for practice ice. I understand there were some upgrades that happened due to this event. Lucky us! Every time I walked or drove by, I was treated to seeing some of the best athletes on earth practicing.

I loved hearing lots of languages, and seeing people from all over the world in the audience. I loved hearing from personal friends from across the country about it being here. I loved that we were able to walk there. We are really so lucky to have had this opportunity right here – right in our own back yard.

Photos courtesy of Becca Griffin. 

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