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Eliot School Student in Russian Math Finals

Max Howard

Max Howard, a 3rd grader at the Eliot School, will be a finalist in the Russian School of Mathematics International Contest on April 24th.

Max entered the global contest mid March by taking a placement test. The International Board of the RSM reviewed the test scores.

Max was deemed a finalist!

Russian Math is based on critical and logical theories as opposed to memorization. Children are pushed to create solutions and explain the thought process behind it.

7 Replies to “Eliot School Student in Russian Math Finals

  1. Max, that is so impressve!! Best of luck on April 24th! And I hope you continue to pursue critical thinking and logic, we need more people like you. Jeanne (a North End neighbor)
    P.S. Great picture, too ?

  2. Very very cool! Good luck in the contest Max…but it sounds like you are a winner already! Keep up the great work. (Janine – a North End neighbor)

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