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Notable News: Ravo Sweeper, Senate Endorsements, $3,000 Rent, Urban Renewal Deadline!

The North End / Waterfront of Boston is moving faster than ever, with rent prices on the rise, a special election for Senate, urban renewal powers on the hook for the BRA, and even a new street sweeper! This weeks compilation of articles is posted below:

The Ravo prowled the North End. Photo by David L Ryan, The Boston Globe.
The Ravo prowled the North End. Photo by David L Ryan, The Boston Globe.

Compact new sweeper makes debut on Boston streets

Hanover Street in the North End was the first test run for the new Ravo sweeper that was recently unveiled by the Boston Public Works Department. The new sweeper will give workers a more efficient way to clear debris by being able to get into hard areas, The Boston Globe has more on the new machine.

Northern Avenue Bridge is Falling Down, Falling Down, Falling Down

The Boston Harbor Association has been a long time supporter of rehabilitating the historic Northern Avenue Bridge, and they submitted a comment letter to the Army Corp of Engineers detailing their support.  Read the story courtesy of, The Boston Harbor Association who maintains that this is a “critical pedestrian link between many of the businesses on either side of the bridge.”

State Senate candidates pick up endorsements

With the primary just weeks away, the special election for the State Senate seat is heating up with several candidates announcing big endorsements. Candidates Diana Hwang, Lydia Edwards, and Representative Jay Livingstone have big announcements of support, read the story at, The Boston Globe.

From Southie, to the North End, and West Roxbury, courtesy of Boston Curbed.
From Southie, to the North End and West Roxbury, courtesy of Boston Curbed.

Boston Rent Comparison: What You Get for $3,000/Month

Even though a large amount of apartment construction has taken place in Boston, how much does a $3,000 monthly rental get you? Comparing square footage and amenities, see what this price point will get you in certain neighborhoods, at Boston Curbed.

BRA opposed as deadline nears on urban renewal

The Boston Redevelopment Authority is facing resistance from Boston city councilors on their request to extend urban renewal powers for another ten years. Four City Council members have already said that they will not vote for a 10-year extension, The Boston Globe has more on the program and politics.

Two reasons to eat vegan in the Boston area

The North End is so pivotal towards food and Italian culture that restaurants from surrounding areas dedicate menu items to “Boston’s Little Italy.” Take the VO2 Vegan Cafe in Harvard Square, where they offer the North End pressed sandwich, which dresses up grilled, pressed tofu with a bright, garlicky pesto, black olive tapenade, spinach, and non-dairy cheese. Read the article at, The Boston Globe.

Ride Sharing Regulation Articles:

Photo by Pat Greenhouse, The Boston Globe.
Photo by Pat Greenhouse, The Boston Globe.

Uber, Lyft would face new rules under state bill

Representative Aaron Michlewitz is leading the charge with regulations on Uber and Lyft, releasing legislation that would increased state supervision and government background checks for drivers. Drivers would go through a company background check and one conducted by the state, continue reading at, The Boston Globe.

Both sides find fault with latest ride-hail legislation

The latest legislation proposal for Uber and Lyft has cabbies and law enforcement saying the bill doesn’t go far enough to ensure public safety, while Uber and Lyft claim it will prevent potential drivers from signing up, Boston Herald has more on the proposal and input from Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, who maintains that, “our legislation offers a balanced approach of regulating the ride for hire industry. The goal is to protect both innovation and the public at the same time,”