Community Daily Briefs

Notable News: Condo Prices, Laughter Medicine, City Winery, Parole for Costa?

Every week, the action throughout the North End / Waterfront neighborhood is picked up by several sources, this weeks compilation of articles is posted below!
The condo surge in Boston’s North End,

Median Condo Price in North End Tops $500K in 2015

In 2015, the North End neighborhood of Boston saw a 3.7 percent increase in the median price of a condominium. Surging the price up to $510,000, the amount of condo listings declined 3 percent, while the average number of days on the market decreased by three days. Read the article at,

Man convicted as teen killer could soon be free

It was 1986 when Louis Costa murdered Joseph Bottari and Frank Chiuchiolo in the North End, earning him what was originally a life sentence without parole. The now 46-year-old went before the Parole Board seeking release, WCVB has video of the hearing and more coverage on the story.

Groups move to save Northern Avenue bridge – and not just by dumping its remains in East Boston

Although the city has not yet released a specific plan, they have expressed interest in using pieces of the old Northern Avenue Bridge in their new construction of a car-friendly bridge over Fort Point Channel. UniversalHub has more on the effort to make sure the unusable bridge is eventually restored.

The City Winery Chicago
A photo of the City Winery in Chicago, Boston will be the fifth location, photo courtesy of City Winery Facebook page.

City Winery Will Bring Music and Wine to Boston

in 2016, One Canal Street in Boston will welcome City Winery, a winery that is also a restaurant and a music venue. City Winery signed a 15-year lease that will secure 20,000 square feet on the first floor and another 10,000 square feet in the basement, Boston Eater has more on the story.

2 classes prove laughter is best medicine

In order to increase happiness and reduce stress, laughter yoga and comedy improv classes are some of the creative ways to promote laughter and release endorphins in the brain. The Improv Asylum on Hanover Street is utilizing their training center to boost sense of self and mood, watch video coverage at, WCVB.

8 Activities in Boston to power through the winter doldrums

Hoping to provide some relief from the cold winter blues, these eight activities aim to have you, “shaking off winter temperatures” and “breezing into spring.” One unique activity is heading to the North End Fish Market to learn how to shuck an oyster, the lessons are free every Saturday and you only pay for what you shuck and eat, read more at

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of UniversalHub.

Divers return to Charles near North Station in search for missing man

Dive teams searched in the Charles River for Zachary Marr, who was last seen outside the Bell in Hand on February 13th. Search dogs identified two areas of the river, yet no body has been found, read more at UniversalHub. On that subject: read Boston’s Mysterious Vanishing Mena post about that alarming number of cases that are similar to the one of Zachary Marr. Begging the question, “what if something far more sinister is taking place?”

Five Things About the Creator of Apartment-Listing Website. Rental Beast

With the North End having such a high turnover of rental apartments, the apartment-listing website Rental Beast, aims to take some of the hassle out of finding a place to rent in Boston. Not only does the website cater to people looking to rent, it even takes in the needs and wants of a landlord, The Boston Globe has more on the website and their CEO.