Boston Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George Visits St. John School
Boston Councilor Annissa Essaibi George Visits St. John School

Boston Councilor Annissa Essaibi George and Alana Olsen, Chief of Staff, Office of Boston City Councilor Annissa Essaibi George visited St. John School’s 4B class with Mr. Christopher Coleman this past Friday.

Councilor George talked with the class about her current job as a city councilor, what her day is like, how she helps her constituents and talked about her former job as a teacher. One of the questions she asked of the students was if they knew what a democracy was. They all said yes, then she asked if the Grade 4B had a democracy and the kids respond no there isn’t one in 4B, she asked Mr. Coleman why there wasn’t and he said there was because he let the students pick their seats.

Councilor George commented how impressed she was with the class and their questions as well as their knowledge about politics. She asked them all who was running for president this year and the kids were able to name all of the candidates, including the little-known candidates saying that she didn’t think the high school class she used to teach would be able to name them all.

The students had plenty of opportunities to ask questions as well. Some of the questions were, “Do you pay taxes?”, – yes she does; “What is your day like?”, she spends a lot of time in meetings and talking to people; “Does the president pay taxes too?”, yes he does.

Councilor Essaibi George presented the class with an Official Resolution from the Boston City Council which recognized the class for their “love of learning, care for each other and classroom citizenship.” The resolution will be framed and displayed in class and a record has been recorded in the City of Boston’s records, so St. John School’s 4B class is now a part of history!

Mr. Coleman’s 4th graders are very thankful for the visit with Councilor George and Ms. Olsen and appreciate her taking the time out of their busy day to visit St. John School.

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